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          Tianhai Auto Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: THB Electronics) was founded in 1969, which is a powerful research and production enterprise of automotive connectors and a new R&D enterprise of automotive electronic products.

          U.S. R&D Center

          THB KETC

          Review Number: GS(2019) No. 1698

          THB Harbin

          THB Changchun

          THB Liaoning

          THB Anhui

          THB Shanghai

          THB Wuhu

          THB Chongqing

          THB Hunan

          THB Fujian

          THB Liuzhou

          THB Hebi

          THB Zhengzhou

          • 5

            5 categories of products

          • 10000+

            More than 10,000 varieties

          • 6

            6 R&D centers

          • 21

            21 Production Bases

          • 100+

            In 2023, the sales revenue has reached10billion RMB

          • Electrical Transmission System

            Electrical Transmission System

            THB as one of the pioneers of vehicle electronic system is committed to the design and manufacture high speed and high & low voltage wire harness for intelligent connected vehicles.

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          • Connection System

            Connection System

            Connecting attentively every time, make cars safer, greener and more intelligent

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          • Intelligent Control

            Intelligent Control

            The research and development of intelligent control electronic products of THB Group adopts V-model process design to realize the interactive verification of product development, simulation and testing.To ensure we provide customers with safe and reliable products.

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          • Low-Carbon Intelligent Mobility

            Low-Carbon Intelligent Mobility

            We are focusing on the future of mobility, providing customized and innovative solutions in the design, development and delivery of electric vehicles.

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